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At times, we all face challenges or recognize the call for change and growth. Working with a trusted partner can make a world of difference because you are not going through it alone; you have someone by your side who has previously helped hundreds of conscious individuals like you. 


Coaching programs privately guided by Alja Berk are thoughtfully designed to empower you at every step of your personal and professional journey. Through a combination of evidence-based strategies and personalized guidance, these programs provide you with the support and tools necessary to create positive change and unlock your full potential, encompassing the mind, heart, and soul.


Programs are facilitated ONLINE via Google Meets, unless agreed differently. There is a possiblity of in person coaching in Haarlem, The Netherlands and Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

coaching approach and methodologies

Each coaching program is crafted using a globally known and proven blend of coaching methodologies such as positive psychology, behavioral techniques, and awareness practices – structured in a multi-week process designed to help you reach specific goals, whether focused on inner, career, or business empowerment. This approach is holistic, effective, and tailored to your individual needs.


how packages were developed

Coaching programs have been developed based on years of experience working with diverse clients from around the globe in the areas of inner, career, and business growth. I have coached successful impact-making entrepreneurs, senior managers, and junior employees in the corporate world, free-spirited expats, and other wonderful individuals from the Netherlands, Slovenia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, the USA, and more. 

By observing pathways to breakthroughs and success, and recognizing the connection between self-awareness and action-taking, coupled with extensive research into human psychology and best coaching practices, I have crafted structured programs that precisely address the unique challenges individuals encounter in their personal and professional lives in the Western world.


Personalized Guidance

While each program followes a general structure, every coaching session is tailored to your unique circumstances, objective, and progress phase. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the support you need to make meaningful progress. 


Your privacy and trust are of utmost importance. I understand the sensistivity of the issues you may choose to disuss during our coaching sessions. Rest assured that all discussions and information shared within the program are kept strictly confidential. Your privacy and personal journey are respected and safeguarded throughout our coaching relationship.

Discover HIGH-QUALITY ONLINE coaching programs AVAILABLE


Meet yourself at a deeper level, unleash inner strength, and become your best self in every area of life


Gain meaningful career clarity, find fulfilling and well-paid work, and walk your purpose-driven career path with confidence​

business empowerment coaching

Design your profitable business concept, operations, website messaging, and strategic plan as a coach, yoga teacher, or other conscious creator


Craft a coaching experience that addresses your unique needs with flexibility

let’s build a legacy together

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