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Shape Your Profitable Conscious Business strategy

8-week Online business Empowerment Coaching Program

Step into the Business Empowerment Coaching program, a transformative journey crafted to empower you in creating a conscious and successful business.


Whether you’re a coach, teacher, facilitator, consultant, mentor, or any other conscious creator, this program will provide you with clarity in your niche, signature offer, website messaging,  operations, and marketing plan, which is essential for constructing a purpose-driven business that brings you consistent income, harmonises with your compassionate vision and allows you flexibility as you grow as a human being. 

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PROGRAM purpose

Amidst the growing wave of conscious business practices the Business Empowerment Coaching program equips you with the essential guidance to build a resilient competitive foundation while also ensuring that it aligns with who you are and what you stand for. 


From defining your niche and offer to creating effective website messaging, establishing a solid operational foundation, and mastering marketing and sales efforts, we cover it all. 


This comprehensive foundation will not only help you survive but also thrive in the conscious business landscape in the long term. It will support you in building authority and focus on doing what you do best: providing your service. Additionally, it will enable you to make changes and adjust your path easily in the future.


The program recognizes that your business success is intimately connected with your personal growth and values, empowering you to make a positive impact while achieving consistent financial success.

WHO IS the program for

The program is designed for social change-makers, including coaches, facilitators, yoga teachers, therapists, holistic teachers, photographers, architects, artists, consultants, and other creators. Whether you are in the beginning of your journey setting up your business from scratch, or redefining your existent business model and approach, I am here to help. 


  • Business Concept Clarity: Define and refine your captivating offer ensuring it aligns with your values and resonates with your target audience.


  • Operations Design: Learn how to structure and manage your business operations effectively for maximum efficiency and impact.


  • Authentic Website Messaging & Marketing: Create an authentic website messaging, and marketing strategy that communicates your values and mission, attracting clients who resonate with your vision.


  • Strategic Planning: Develop a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines your business goals, objectives, and the clear steps needed to achieve them (what and when).


  • Client Engagement: Discover effective methods to engage and connect with your clients, fostering long-lasting and meaningful relationships. 


  • Financial and Personal Empowerment: Gain financial clarity and learn how to manage both the financial aspects of your business while staying aligned with your purpose and personal autonomy.

Tailored Coaching Sessions

While a structured program is in place, each one-on-one coaching session is uniquely tailored to suit your life circumstances and individual needs, ensuring your experience is finely attuned to your personal growth journey.

Authenticity and privacy

Genuine authenticity holds more power than impressing others. Your journey welcomes your authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability, as these qualities serve as cornerstones for healing and empowerment. Rest assured that your privacy is respected and safeguarded by our coaching relationship. 

Providing Tools and Resources

Between sessions, you’ll receive practical tools and resources designed to bolster your progress, offering valuable support in your ongoing journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Guided Accountability and Support

I’m here to walk beside you as your accountability partner, steering you towards your goals and providing consistent support throughout your transformative journey.

program structure

8 private coaching sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours

Comprehensive tools, valuable tips, and expert advice

Continuous support in between coaching sessions

Personal Digital Folder with detailed Session Notes



Week 1: Discover Your Niche and Ideal Audience

Identify your unique business niche and define the audience you want to serve. Gain clarity on who your ideal customers are and what makes your offerings stand out in the market.


Week 2: Craft Compelling Offers and Strategic Pricing

Develop irresistible product or service offerings and set competitive prices that resonate with your target clientele. Learn the art of creating value-driven propositions.


Week 3: Master Effective Website Messaging and Boost Visibility

Elevate your online presence with persuasive website content and a strategic approach to increasing your visibility. Enhance your brand’s online storytelling.


Week 4: Establish Robust Operations (Payments, Onboarding, Accounting, Offboarding)

Lay a solid foundation for your business by setting up essential operational elements such as payment systems, onboarding, session planning, and efficient accounting practices.


Week 5: Excel in Client Relationships from Sales to Exceptional Service

Hone your skills in building and maintaining client relationships. Discover effective sales techniques and strategies to provide exceptional customer service.


Week 6: Prioritize Personal Well-being and Set Clear Boundaries

Ensure your well-being and maintain productivity by establishing clear work-life boundaries. Learn to strike a healthy balance in your professional journey.


Week 7: Create a Detailed Calendar Action Plan for the Next 2 Months (Sales, Marketing, Content Creation,…)

Develop a comprehensive, step-by-step action plan to guide your business activities for the next two months. Cover areas such as sales, marketing, content creation.


Week 8: Evaluate and Enhance Your Business Strategy for Long-term Success

Assess and refine your overall business strategy to ensure sustainable growth and long-term success. Identify areas for improvement and strategic enhancements.



value and process of signing up

Investing in your business empowerment is a powerful step forward. By enrolling in the Business Empowerment Coaching program, you’re committing to your self-actualization, financial success and positive impact making. 

To get started, simply reach out to me for a FREE discovery session, where we’ll discuss your goals and how this program can best support you.


Value Exchange: 1800 Euro | 1920 USD | 2980 AUD | 3250 NZD 



Payment in 2 installments is possible (1st one before the start, 2nd one before week 5)


Price includes VAT, but may not include transaction costs


If you come from a lower income country or if you are currently facing financial challenges, message me for options



This is where you can share more about yourself, your current situation, and your aspirations for our coaching partnership. I’d like to gain insight into your life circumstances to determine if I’m the right coach for you.



If you choose to work with me, I will send you a coaching agreement to sign and an invoice to pay via email. Once I have received both, we will be officially considered ‘a coach’ and ‘a client’ for the remainder of the program.


Before our first session begins, it’s important to agree on the dates, times, and location of our sessions. It’s recommended to schedule them weekly at the same time, with a permissible variation of up to one or two days if necessary.


Come fully prepared into the session. This means create mental space, be in a private room (if online), have the technology ready to support you (lap top if online), a notebook, and a pen.


If you have any questions or need support between sessions, you can reach out to me via email or WhatsApp. I will respond to you as soon as I am able, considering my other commitments.


After our last session, our work together is complete. This is the time for you to express any unmet needs and provide feedback to help me enhance my service. Additionally, I may inquire if you’d be willing to share a testimonial publicly (optional).

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