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6-week Online career Empowerment Coaching Program

In the pursuit of financial stability, we often overlook the importance of aligning our careers with our values and creating a positive impact on society. 
Welcome to the Career Empowerment Coaching Program, a transformative journey designed to help you first explore your inner potential and then navigate towards a clearer career path and fulfilling job match, all while gaining the confidence to lead yourself boldly. 
This program presents a unique opportunity for you to harness your innate potential and embark on a purpose-driven career path, alongside a community of like-minded colleagues.

PROGRAM purpose

Finding work that not only ensures financial stability but also makes a meaningful difference rarely happens by chance. It requires an approach that goes beyond job titles.


This program guides you inwards to connect with your values, strengths, and purpose.


It then empowers you to explore the professional landscape, research matching opportunities, and craft a personalized job-search strategy. 

WHO IS the program for

The Career Empowerment Coaching program is tailored for aspiring impact makers who are seeking more than just a job or a paycheck. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, mid-level professional, or aspiring junior, this program is designed to elevate your career journey. 


It’s for purpose-driven individuals who understand that true career fulfillment involves aligning their work with their values, strengths, and a sense of purpose.


This program caters to empowered women and men who are ready to challenge the status quo, make bold career moves, and dare to be their authentic selves in their professional journeys.


If you’re looking to unlock your career’s true potential, find meaning in your work, and create a positive impact through your career, this program is crafted with you in mind.


  • Self-Discovery: Unearth your strengths, values, and transferable skills, providing you with a solid foundation to build a career that resonates with your authentic self.
  • Clarity on Purpose: Gain a deep understanding of your purpose and how it can be integrated into your career, fueling your motivation and sense of fulfillment.
  • Real-World Strategy: Develop practical research strategies to navigate the job market effectively, leveraging your strengths and aligning with your values to make informed decisions.
  • Actionable Plan: Create a personalized career-change plan tailored to your unique strengths and goals, helping you take concrete steps toward your dream job, where you will experience fulfilment and belonging.
  • Empowered Decision-Making: Learn how to make bold and informed career decisions that align with your purpose ambition, stability goals, and lifestyle aspirations.
  • Confidence and Resilience: Enhance your self-leadership as you face challenges and rejections, knowing that your journey is guided by purpose.

Benchmarked Against the Rest: What Sets This Program Apart

Compared to other career coaches, recruiters, and upskilling career development programs, the Career Empowerment Coaching program stands out. It dives deep into understanding how your unique identity aligns with your authentic career path. Rooted in a commitment to self-awareness and a strong belief in the power of manifestation from within, this program distinguishes itself. 


Unlike many conventional career coaches, this program fearlessly challenges you, even if it entails stepping outside the bounds of traditional expectations. However, it never loses sight of your financial and mental stability, recognizing that a meaningful career thrives on this foundation. This program strikes a vital balance, ensuring that your brain, heart, and soul are all integrated into your decision-making process. It champions the idea that true belonging doesn’t involve fitting in but daring to be yourself and attracting kindred spirits from this space.


In contrast to recruiters who advocate on behalf of the employers, this program emphasizes that genuine career alignment should originate from within you. It’s dedicated to nurturing your self-belief and empowering you to define your career path before seeking external opportunities.


While traditional professional upskilling programs promise specific skill development, this program facilitates real-life changes and guides you toward the realization of your career dreams through your own daring leadership

program structure

Embarking on the Career Empowerment Coaching program will empower you to make impactful career choices that align with your aspirations. Based on extensive research into self-actualization, successful careers, Western job markets, and the future of work, this transformational program will lay foundations for a long-term fulfilling lifestyle.  


6 private coaching sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours

Comprehensive tools, valuable tips, and expert advice

Continuous support in between coaching sessions

Personal Digital Folder with detailed Session Notes



Week 1: Connect with your Innate Potential

Connect with your strengths, values, and transferable skills to unlock your inner power.


Week 2: Find your deepest purpose ambition and awaken motivation for change & positive impact

Define the positive changes you believe are needed in your environment and society, unlocking your full potential and down-to-earth purpose ambition. Plant a lasting seed for achieving your meaningful career dream. 


Week 3: Define your minimum income threshold & lifestyle goals

Identify your minimum income threshold and outline your lifestyle goals and job-perk requirements.


Week 4: Research real-world possibilities for success & commit to 3 best options

Delve into sectors, companies, and roles in your environment that align with your identity. Choose your three best options, which may include innovative paths like launching your own business concept.


Week 5: Design a personalized Career-Change Strategy

Craft a personalized strategy to realize your ideal work/life structure, managing your time, mindset, connections, and resources effectively during the transition.


Week 6: Bold Self-Leadership

Focus on self-leadership during your career transition, addressing well-being habits, mindfulness, and eliminating limiting beliefs while building deeply connected relationships.

Tailored Coaching Sessions

While the program follows a structured approach, each one-on-one coaching session will be tailored to your specific life situation and individual needs.


Embrace the freedom to express yourself without fear in a safe and private space. Your vulnerability and beliefs are not only accepted but celebrated as they contribute to your personal empowerment.

Providing Tools and Resources

Between sessions, you’ll receive practical tools and resources designed to bolster your progress, offering valuable support in your ongoing journey of meaningfl career discovery and empowerment.

Guided Accountability and Support

I’m here to walk beside you as your accountability partner, steering you towards your goals and providing consistent support throughout your transformative journey.

value and process of signing up

Your career can be a conduit for change, reflecting your values and ambitions. By enrolling in the Career Empowerment Coaching program, you’re investing in your potential to shape not just a secure future, but also a fulfilling and impactful professional life.

career clarity coaching


Value Exchange: 975 Euro | 1040 USD | 1600 AUD | 1750 NZD 

Payment in 2 installments is possible (1st one prior to the start, 2nd one before week 4)


Price includes VAT, but may not include transaction costs


If you come from a lower income country or if you are currently facing financial challenges, message me for options



This is where you can share more about yourself, your current situation, and your aspirations for our coaching partnership. I’d like to gain insight into your life circumstances to determine if I’m the right coach for you.



If you choose to work with me, I will send you a coaching agreement to sign and an invoice to pay via email. Once I have received both, we will be officially considered ‘a coach’ and ‘a client’ for the remainder of the program.


Before our first session begins, it’s important to agree on the dates, times, and location of our sessions. It’s recommended to schedule them weekly at the same time, with a permissible variation of up to one or two days if necessary.


Come fully prepared into the session. This means create mental space, be in a private room (if online), have the technology ready to support you (lap top if online), a notebook, and a pen.


If you have any questions or need support between sessions, you can reach out to me via email or WhatsApp. I will respond to you as soon as I am able, considering my other commitments.


After our last session, our work together is complete. This is the time for you to express any unmet needs and provide feedback to help me enhance my service. Additionally, I may inquire if you’d be willing to share a testimonial publicly (optional).

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