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8-week Online Inner Empowerment Coaching Program

Begin your incredible transformative journey to personal freedom. This program is anchored in the belief that true empowerment originates from within, weaving together six core pillars: nurturing healthier habits, elevating mindset, deepening spiritual awareness, boosting self-worth, fostering meaningful relationships, and establishing fulfillment-driven goals.


It’s your roadmap to building a strong foundation in inner growth, equipping you to navigate life’s challenges and take confident actions in every facet of your life. This journey is one of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself.

PROGRAM purpose

In a world that often pulls us in multiple directions, finding our inner strength becomes vital. Unlike many personal development programs that focus on one isolated aspect of growth, Inner Empowerment Coaching sets a new standard by carefully addressing the multifaceted aspects of your life.


This program recognizes that real transformation arises from a harmonious blend of habits, mindset, spirituality, self-worth, relationships, and purpose driven actions. Embracing this holistic approach unlocks your inner strength and reveals how these pieces of the puzzle synergize to shape your life positively. Inner growth, in its true essence, isn’t about isolated fixes; it’s about crafting a balanced, fulfilling life.

WHO IS the program for

The Inner Empowerment Coaching program is tailored for individuals who may be experiencing stuckness and confusion, navigating difficult life situations, going through significant changes, or simply feeling that it’s time for inner growth and expansion. It’s for conscious people who understand that true transformation involves addressing multiple facets of life in harmony.


If you’re seeking a comprehensive approach to personal growth and are ready to embrace change, this program is designed with you in mind.


  • Gain enhanced self-awareness and a deeper connection with your inner self.
  • Experience a renewed sense of self-worth, gratitude, purpose, and clarity.
  • Boost your confidence and resilience to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Cultivate healthier habits and a positive mindset.
  • Develop improved communication skills and foster healthier relationships.
  • Learn the art of setting and achieving meaningful goals.

Tailored Coaching Sessions

While a structured program is in place, each one-on-one coaching session is uniquely tailored to suit your life circumstances and individual needs, ensuring your experience is finely attuned to your personal growth journey.

Authenticity and privacy

Genuine authenticity holds more power than impressing others. Your journey welcomes your authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability, as these qualities serve as cornerstones for healing and empowerment. Rest assured that your privacy is respected and safeguarded by our coaching relationship forever. 

Providing Tools and Resources

Between sessions, you’ll receive practical tools and resources designed to bolster your progress, offering valuable support in your ongoing journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Guided Accountability and Support

I’m here to walk beside you as your accountability partner, steering you towards your goals and providing consistent support throughout your transformative journey.

program structure

Drawing from extensive research in psychology, coaching trends and traditional spiritual practice this program unleashes your potential across all facets of your journey – from your ingrained habits and mindset to your self-awareness, self-image, relationship dynamics, and the pursuit of goal-oriented actions.


8 x 1.5h session according to the Program

In-between session support via E-mail or Chat

Personal Digital Folder (Session Notes, Tools, Resources)



Week 1: Well-Being Habits

Build a personalized well-being habit change system to elevate your lifestyle.


Week 2: Mind & Emotional Intelligence

 Focus the mind, break through limiting beliefs and enhance emotional intelligence. 


Week 3: Spiritual Awareness

Deepen your spiritual awareness with simple traditional practices. 


Week 4: Relating & Gratitude

Develop a gratitude framework for an improved quality of life. 


Week 5: Self-Worth, Self-Image & Self-Expression

Cultivate self-worth and practise radical honesty with yourself


Week 6: Compassionate Relationships

Balancing empathy and boundaries in your key relationships


Week 7: “Dreaming Big”: 6-Month Vision

Set fulfilment increasing goals across various life areas 


Week 8: Reflection

Reflect on your progress, adjust tools, and celebrate your journey



value and process of signing up

Investing in your personal growth and empowerment is a powerful step forward. By enrolling in the Inner Empowerment Coaching program, you’re committing to your well-being and your journey towards self-actualization. To get started, simply reach out to me for a FREE discovery session, where we’ll discuss your goals and how this program can best support you.



Value Exchange: 1200 Euro | 1300 USD | 2000 AUD | 2200 NZD 


Payment in installments is possible




This is where you can share more about yourself, your current situation, and your aspirations for our coaching partnership. I’d like to gain insight into your life circumstances to determine if I’m the right coach for you.



If you choose to work with me, I will send you a coaching agreement to sign and an invoice to pay via email. Once I have received both, we will be officially considered ‘a coach’ and ‘a client’ for the remainder of the program.


Before our first session begins, it’s important to agree on the dates, times, and location of our sessions. It’s recommended to schedule them weekly at the same time, with a permissible variation of up to one or two days if necessary.


Come fully prepared into the session. This means create mental space, be in a private room (if online), have the technology ready to support you (lap top if online), a notebook, and a pen.


If you have any questions or need support between sessions, you can reach out to me via email or WhatsApp. I will respond to you as soon as I am able, considering my other commitments.


After our last session, our work together is complete. This is the time for you to express any unmet needs and provide feedback to help me enhance my service. Additionally, I may inquire if you’d be willing to share a testimonial publicly (optional).

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