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HI, conscious human!

I’m Alja Berk, your trusted guide on the path to personal and professional growth. Driven by a passion for unlocking the boundless potential within each of us, I’m here to support you in being your own leader, overcoming life’s challenges, and flourishing authentitically. The effects of which will tackle down to the rest of the world. 



My journey has been a fusion of mastering business, people and positive impact making. Armed with a master’s degree in Health Economics, I navigated Dutch corporate landscapes in my early career. As a highly intuitive people’s person, I’ve noticed huge potential for human-centric change in organisations and communities, inspiring me to embrace a slightly activist spirit. 

This drove me to educate myself as a coach, later on allowing me to open my own coaching practice. Aside I also engaged in organisational culture change projects, managed entrepreneurial communities in two different coworking office spaces, and facilitated team-building & upskilling training in the Dutch corporate world. 


Additionally I completed training in nonviolent communication, NLP, and Yoga Nidra, which I actively teach in my community. These holistic, yet down-to-earth, experiences intricately shape my coaching philosophy, which centres on holistic awareness, heart centred empowerment, and purpose-driven success. My goal is to guide you toward realising your aspirations – whether that involves achieving career clarity, unleashing your power within, or crafting a business with a meaningful purpose.



Alja Berk

 My life experiences continuously shape me as a human being. I’ve overcome the loss of my mother at a young age, homesickness upon moving to the Netherlands from Slovenia and heartaches from parting ways with people I deeply cared for. The process of integrating into foreign cultures has broadened my horizons, and I even embarked on a six-month minimalist lifestyle in New Zealand, living life out of a camper van.


My journey also involved diving into spiritual practices and participating in conscious co-creation festivals, which have profoundly enriched my understanding of human existence and connection. Because I have developed myself holistically, I was drawn to make major career shifts and represent my values through the work I do. These experiences have taught me the importance of being present, practising (self)forgiveness, standing strong in my beliefs, and prioritising self-care.


Ultimately, I’ve learned that by nurturing and empowering myself, I build an unstoppable capacity to uplift others on their own unique paths. This doesn’t mean that it is always easy. In fact, it can be very hard, but this is my path of growth, and so I embrace it. 


At the core of my coaching philosophy is a strong commitment to your unique journey and ultimate aspirations. Within a compassionate and non-judgmental space, I facilitate an exploration of your path and growth, carefully crafting a personalized route that aligns precisely with your specific needs and goals. This approach creates an environment that empowers you to wholeheartedly embrace and make the most of your potential. Using coaching tools, the art of storytelling, and thoughtfully posed questions, I guide you towards your own insights and breakthroughs, propelling you to rise above your fears, and towards taking positive action. My coaching aims to empower you to take the lead, as I refrain from offering direct advice. For serious therapeutic needs, I recommend seeking support from a qualified therapist.

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Together, We Thrive

As your coach, my mission is to empower you to tackle challenges head-on and embrace transformation. Together, we’ll chart a course toward meaningful growth, unlocking doors of opportunity and uncovering the remarkable potential that resides within you. Let’s embark on this journey of empowerment, catalysing positive change not only in our lives, but also in the world around us. No shame. Only the truth that you already are enough!

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Ready to embark on the path to your empowered future? Whether you’re seeking personal growth, advancing your career, or conquering the world of conscious business, I’m here to walk alongside you. Reach out and let’s embark on this remarkable journey together.


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