“I believe it is our moral responsibility as the privileged Westerners, to not only strive for stability and wealth in our personal and career life, but also the higher psychological needs: fulfillment, authenticity, connection, belonging and social contribution.

This is how we can step in our full potential as human beings, align our external realities with core values, and make this world a better place.

Much needed in the times of climate change, biodiversity loss, wars, increasing mental illness, and other pressing societal challenges.

As a business, career & personal development coach I  contribute from the bottom up. One human at a time. “

Alja Berk

Alja Berk Coaching since 2019 | Certified Life Coach by New Zealand Life Coaching association | MSc Health Economics, Policy & Law | BSc Business & Economics | Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra teacher

My width comes from my professional background, holistic certifications, life in 3 culturally-different countries & deeply intuitive personality

During my bachelor studies of Business and Economics in Ljubljana, I completed an Erasmus exchange year at Rotterdam Business School with a minor in Business Opportunities in Sustainability and Innovation. Little did I know how the big-picture thinking I gained there would affect my perception of reality…

When I later (after graduating from master’s studies in Health Economics) worked as a research analyst in the pharmaceutical and market research industry, I felt as if I was contributing my intellect to the world’s problems. I felt deeply that as a society we don’t need more magic pills and material stuff to evolve.

What we need is to look inwards and learn how to be people again! What we need is compassionate leadership – to help others feel their sense of self-worth and therefore build the capacity for making healthy choices, meaningful decisions, genuine people connection and social contribution. On all levels: systemic, organizational and individual.


Listening to the heart only does not create lasting change. Consistent action taking, combined with strong faith does.


I wanted to do something about it so I educated myself on the side of my jobs. I first completed Divine Femme Academy with Taja Albolena in 2017 to help me stand strong as a heart-centered woman in a mind/masculine dominated world. Then I did a mindfulness training in 2018 to anchor myself in higher consciousness, and finally an NLP training, where I learned psychology-based tools on how to help people effectively.

But this tool box wasn’t enough for me to make a true career breakthrough. I felt I first had to take distance from all the attachments, and really clear my head. In my ‘no guts, no glory’ style this meant quitting my job and embarking on a 1 year working holiday in New Zealand. In March 2019 I completed a 5-day intensive Life Coaching course in Christchurch (accredited by the New Zealand & Australia Life Coaching Association) with a clear intention of learning what it takes to run my own coaching business.


Sometimes the universe hands you a life-line. And while the mind finds 1000 reasons not to grab it, the soul knows it is THE ONLY way.

I have just settled in the South Island of New Zealand, when I randomly ended up on a website of a co-working office for purpose-driven businesses in Auckland (North Island). The Workshop Auckland was looking for a community manager in exchange for strategic support with building your own business?!?!?!?! It felt too good to be true but of course I wrote a message to the CEO.

Already the next day she interviewed me and asked me if I could start in a week. At first all I could hear was disapproving voices of people close to me for making another unconventional decision. But I felt so freaking excited that I knew going for it was the right way.

The Workshop Auckland 2019

Learning from coaches further down the road, while taking good care of my holistic well-being (physical, emotional, spiritual) is my magic success formula.

Self-Worth Coaching Session Auckland 2019

Being surrounded by amazing coaches, social impact organization leaders, and some of the most spiritually awake creators I have ever met, elevated my spirit and triggered my most productive period ever.

My well-being habits were spot on and I quickly set up my first website, knowing that it is not the most important part of running a coaching business. Meeting new people, and making them offers was.

So that’s what I did. I went to every conscious gathering I could find (which I also really enjoyed), and started to have honest conversations that eventually turned into coaching agreements. In no time I was fully booked. When I organized my first workshop, 23 people showed up.

I was so proud of myself.

Walking an unconventional path of service is not easy. In fact, it can be crazy hard. The only way to keep breaking through is to keep believing in yourself.

Yes, I was damn good in what I did. I put my whole soul in it. And people felt it. They felt seen. They felt understood. And so, they started to trust me their deepest truths. From chronic non-fulfilment, toxic/abusive relationships, bullying, harassment at work, suicidal thoughts to drinking and gambling problems. Honestly, I got a little scared at first.

But I knew that healing the core inner wounds is where elevating the world’s consciousness starts. So, I began collaborating with psychologists & psychotherapists, and researching about how to act in specific situations to support my clients right. The amount of professional wisdom I have gained this way is priceless.

Unfortunately, I came back to Europe on the first day of Corona restrictions, meaning I had little chance to engage my old network and organize in person workshops. When I was supposed to build up a momentum, I was forced to slow down.

Every situation has more perspectives. Corona time was also a gift. It gave me the space to take a few steps back, before making more forward.

There was no way back, only forward. I realized if I wanted to make it in the long run, I had to build an online presence. Researching online coaching industry showed me just how big the sea of coaches is, and it took me almost a year to create a business structure that now supports both: my clients in reaching results they were coming to me for, and my own well-being.

After completing business coaching with Lisa Princic in 2021 to design coaching programs ready to sell, building a new website, and breaking through the paralyzing self-doubt to close my first high-ticket clients, I am helping my clients more efficiently.

My coaching packages are built thoughtfully from psychological, spiritual and real-life perspective to uniquely apply to anyone. Well, not anyone. Those who are ready to do the real work.

If you resonate with me, I really hope to be your life-line.

You don’t need to move to the other side of the world and spend 5 years building your purpose-driven lifestyle.

You just need to make a brave decision to invest in yourself and meet me on a discovery call.

No strings attached. YOUR life will always be YOUR choice!!!


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