Case study: marjolein wiegers - zijn bij marjolein

conscious practice for children & adults, IN THE HEART OF HAARLEM

Step 1: Transforming an Abstract Vision into a Concrete Business Concept


Marjolein, a highly self-aware woman and mother of two, with over 20 years of teaching experience, envisioned running creative workshops and programs for children in her authentic Haarlem house. She firmly believed that children needed a nurturing space to connect with their self-trust and tap into their inner wisdom, beyond the confines of conventional school curricula.


While Marjolein’s idea was beautiful, I could sense that she struggled to bring it to life while juggling her many other responsibilities. To translate her wisdom into a tangible business, the first step was to crystallize her vision into a concrete business concept. Thankfully, she accepted my offer.

In our initial sessions, we carefully structured her ideas into organized programs catering to different audiences, including adults. This involved defining clear weekly topics and timeframes so that her future clients would know precisely what to expect and when.


Step 2: Establishing Operational Processes


Every commercial venture requires a solid operational structure, from accounting to booking and payment systems. This became the primary focus of our second stage. For Marjolein, it involved her first-ever guided brainstorming session on how to lead the process, from initial sales conversations to confirming attendance and receiving payments. These operational details were essential to clarify before designing her website and launching any marketing efforts, as neglecting them could lead to administrative challenges.


Step 3: Crafting a Website and Marketing/Sales Plan


A modern business’s website not only reflects its soul but also highlights any areas where a conscious creator might still be uncertain or indecisive. Without a clear understanding of your target audience and offerings during website design, creating coherent and persuasive web pages becomes exceedingly challenging. In our third stage, Marjolein and I worked diligently to eliminate any ambiguities, resulting in compelling website copy ready to attract clients.

Subsequently, we developed a step-by-step plan to prepare her for her first sales and the initial phases of building brand awareness.


Current Status: Preparing for Launch in 2023!


Marjolein is now on the verge of launching her business! Her Haarlem home is set to host 7-week “Inner Journey” programs for children aged 5-16, along with mini-retreats and workshops for adults. Exciting times lie ahead!

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