Case study: Brendan McMullan Photograpyh


Step 1: Rediscovering His Photography Niche & Target Audience


Brendan, with over a decade of experience running photography studios and businesses, recently underwent a profound personal transformation. His journey involved deep inner work, facilitating shamanic ceremonies, and embarking on ‘El Camino.’ As he evolved into a more conscious individual, it became evident that his previous approach to photography services, which included weddings, children, portraits, and family shoots, no longer resonated with this “new version of himself.”

Additionally, Brendan’s recent work had begun to reflect his inner growth, capturing the essence of his subjects in empowering ways. It didn’t take us long to identify his true passion: capturing conscious individuals through ‘Sacred Portraits’ and ‘Business Branding.’



Step 2: Elevating Photography to Empowerment


Brendan recognized a significant gap in the photography industry. Many photographers focus solely on capturing images, often neglecting the emotional and empowering aspect of their work. Brendan’s approach is different. He believes that the key to remarkable photos lies in ensuring clients feel truly empowered during their photo sessions. To achieve this, he integrates coaching sessions before the shoot, helping clients connect with the right ‘energy archetype’ to manifest their desired results.

As we delved deeper into Brendan’s talents, it became clear that he was not just a photographer; he was a guide and mentor. This realization led to the inclusion of pre-shoot coaching and on-the-shoot guided ceremonies in his working process. We also established a standardized number of photos to maintain consistency and manage client expectations.



Step 3: Crafting a Captivating Online Presence


Crafting the copy for Brendan’s website was an exciting collaboration, as his enthusiasm for his offerings was palpable. We also embarked on researching the most effective social media strategies for photographers in 2022/2023. Brendan has found it easy to implement small, consistent actions aligned with this strategy.


Current Status: Thriving in Alignment


Brendan is currently implementing the strategy we developed, aligning his photography business with his newfound purpose and passion. His journey has transformed his photography into a means of empowerment, helping conscious individuals express themselves and their businesses authentically through captivating images.

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