SELF-COACHING TOOLS DOWNLOAD RESOURCES HERE CORE VALUES tool Connect with what matters to you on a deeper level and support your decision making in all areas of life DOWNLOAD the WHEEL OF LIFE Set fulfillment driven goals in all areas of your life: finances, health, personal growth, career, family&friends, romance, and fun DOWNLOAD mind tool […]

Case Study: Marjolein Wiegers

Case study: marjolein wiegers – zijn bij marjolein “Only now do I feel like I’m really building something for myself, without depending on what others think or getting approval from others. This is me!” Marjolein Wiegers, Haarlem The NetherlandsFounder Zijn Bij Marjolein MARJOLEIN’S WEBSITE conscious practice for children & adults, IN THE HEART OF HAARLEM […]

Brendan McMullan Case Study

Case study: Brendan McMullan Photograpyh “I am a photographer, and for many years I didn’t know how to segment my clients, and package my offers to portray the full conscious experience I provide. After business coaching with Alja, this is the first time I truly feel I am fully expressing the resonance of what I […]